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If you love the content I share on my instagram or if I have helped you with any of my spiritual services, supporting me on patreon will give you access to a deeper level of information and service. This way we can work more intimately towards our shared goal of reflecting balance, goodwill, and conscious evolution in the multiverse.Because of your support I will be able to make a living doing what I love most! ❤︎

 If you are looking for someone to tutor you on things like, creating an altar, connecting with your ancestors, and reading your natal chart Tier 3 is best for you. We will take one week a month to study these types of subjects and I will provide you materials to help you create your own rituals. Tier 1 is for anyone who benefits from the articles and posts I share online and would like to donate to help me continue to serve others. I will post a general monthly newsletter and assignments to help you hone in your spiritual gifts. Tier 2 is great for anyone who is interested in getting a 13 signs natal chart and would like monthly guidance through tarot and divination. The 4th  tier is for students of magick who are devoted to formulating a solid spiritual practice and don't have time to research everything they need or need assistance in gathering the right tools. 

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13 Signs Astrology Natal Chart
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The Dust Of Yesterdays
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Grimoire Ebook Double Feature: Harmonize & Honor
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“Sailor Stick” Selenite Wand Allies
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"Stardust" Clear Quartz Cluster Ally
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Dream Interpretations
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