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Born in NYC and raised in LA.
I'm a true city dweller with roots grounded in Togo and Senegal, West Africa.

As a light worker I choose to honor the Earth and remind others of their connection to all that is through the power of art and storytelling.  

Available for exhibits, shows, & shamanic services. Contact Email:   

My purpose is to use the arts and esoteric knowledge to shed light on spiritual truths within each our souls. Whether it be through ritual, mentoring programs, or imaginatively designed tools I hope to bring ideas that will inspire my peers and wake up the disheartened to their divine power.

I have been initiated by oral tradition into the Ancient Hermetic Mystery Schools in 2011 and since then I have also been taught by Shamans in the modalities of Toltec and Mayan Shamanic Healing and Ritual, Ive pilgrimaged to the Holy city of Touba to learn from my Ancestral Sufi Traditions, and now I am becoming initiated into the School Of Anubis. I am forever a student of the ancient mysteries.

My mission of holistic healing has led me back to my roots in the African Continent. As a people, we have been systematically brainwashed to be ashamed of ourselves and our great nation. It is up to my generation to dismantle these systems and spread knowledge and awareness of the true history of the African diaspora and begin to build our own systems to process and handle the resources that have been in control of foreign nations.

It is up to us to restore balance to the unnecessary poverty in the resource-rich countries of Africa. I am taking all that I have learned living in America in media, arts, and urban agriculture to do so

As an Artist I put my work up in shows and galleries and sell original prints and artwork. I am a Photographer and Mixed Media/ Abstract Artist. In my work I aim to shed light on the unseen forces of nature, through color , line and shape and channeling. 

As a shamanic practitioner, I aid my peers in spiritual matters and I translate messages from nature and dreams. I facilitate spiritual journeys to other worlds to help others meet their guides, ancestors and spirit animals.

As a writer I blog short stories, poetry, essays, and write lyrics for my own songs and for others. 

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Mon-Thur: 12:00 pm-6:00 pm
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Fri/Sun: Closed
Los Angeles, Ca

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No Refunds On Spiritual Services. Physical Items can be returned within 7 days of received date.

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