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Seeker’s Eye Opener Seeker’s Eye Opener

Seeker’s Eye Opener

Seeker’s Eye Opener This alchemical elixir was crafted to support your spiritual shift by keeping your third eye open, body gro...

13 Signs Astrology Natal Chart
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13 Signs Astrology Natal Chart

13 Signs Astrology Natal Chart This is for those who want to follow nature, and celebrate the return of the divine feminine by ...

Tarot Reading: 1 Question
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Tarot Reading: 1 Question

Tarot Reading: Single Question In my readings, I use a variety of decks and oracle cards, whichever calls to me and I also tap ...




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Ebook: Harmonize "A Grimoire Of Correspondences"
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Ebook: Harmonize "A Grimoire Of Correspondences"

This is a 6-page ebook in PDF format that includes correspondences for Dates, Colors, Numbers, Planets Shapes, &  the 13 Zo...

The Dust Of Yesterdays

The Dust Of Yesterdays

This is the first volume of poetry from a collection that I wrote during a difficult and transformational summer in my life. Lo...

Be Here Now Poster Print Be Here Now Poster Print
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Be Here Now Poster Print

They say desire leads to suffering. Expectation leads to heartache. Excessive thought leads to stress, & living in your he...




Shamanic Sessions
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Shamanic Sessions

I have studied and practiced with shamans from various modalities and taken what I've learned and have been taught by my ancest...


Shamanic Journey

Holding Space

Ritual Ceremony

Spirit Guide Sessions

Dream Interpretations
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Dream Interpretations

DREAM INTERPRETATION SERVICE Dreams have so much to teach us about ourselves, our fears, our subconscious mind, the future, and...

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