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Three top tips for overcoming self-doubt

Three top tips for overcoming self-doubt

by Kine Fall EL

Do you ever feel like, you want to get into meditation, ritual or working with a new modality that you feel drawn to but something holds you back from it? You know you should be joinging in that retreat next month but you feel hesitant?

Self-doubt plagues us all in our day to day lives, for some it is especially when we are attracted to something that is actually good for the growth of our spirit and soul that we can feel doubtful. It can be daunting, doing the inner work to heal oneself can also be intimidating when you look up at the mountain of traumas that need your attention and healing. Here are some tips for overcoming that self-doubt so that you can move empowered:

1. Let go of all that you fear to lose!
In order to release self doubt, you need to let go of this fear of losing people, things, parts of yourself. The fear of losing is what often keeps us from beginning. Nothing stays the same, and nothing lasts forever. Everything must transform it is in the law of rhythm, the pendulum will always swing in the opposite direction. When you release the fear of losing you can allow yourself more experiences and deeper connections. You will let go of the doubt that you feel to even start because you already know one day it will end. Enjoy every moment without the fear of when.



2. Build trust in yourself and your intuition!

When you trust yourself and your intuition self-doubt becomes irrelevant. It becomes a pestering thought you can easily silence with the truth. "I know whats best for me, my intuition never steers me wrong" knowing this truth is the biggest key to self-empowerment. Take time everyday to listen to your intuition, talk to your higher self and ask what you should do and follow through with every first thought you get no matter how random. You have to train your mind out of not listening to yourself. We have been programmed to seek and to listen to everything outside of our own selves. You have to practice deprogramming. Ask yourself something simple "what should I do right now to help me best remove self-doubt" listen. Your intuition might tell you something you didnt expect like "Go buy red lipstick and sing something live on instagram". Just DO IT!



3. Try new things outside of your comfort zone!
In order to overcome self-doubt you need to step out of the habits and thought processes that keep you in a complacent state of comforts. If you surround yourself with self-loathing people that follow celebrities you most likely will feel comfortable doing the same. Hang out with people who enjoy trying new things, exploring and are open minded. You will get a chance to do something you never done and learn that you have the ability to do more than you allow yourself. Just like a indoor potted plant, you need to get a bigger pot so that your roots can grow and extend outward! You need to give yourself room to grow out of your comfort zone. Take one day a week to try something new that you havent done before. Just keep pushing through the awkwardness with a smile and positive attitude, at the end of it you'll be so happy you did!



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