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Poetic Inspiration From An Abstract Expressionist Exhibit

Yesterday I spent the day alone in the city I love and hate. I used to go on mini adventures all the time on my own but have been moving all around and landing everyplace but LA. Yesterday I had a chance to roam around the city like I used to. Following intuition first and foremost I decided to go to LACMA. Knowing they have free admission after 3 pm, I spent some time in two different parks walking and musing with nature. Flexing my writing muscles always proves to be fruitful.

When I finally got to LACMA, I got my free admission and went to town looking at as many art pieces I could. I first went to see their special exhibit on Chinese and Korean Art and Pottery. Looking at the timeline it was easier for me to map out in my mind the evolution of their pottery with the founding of Buddhism. Around the same time or a bit after Buddhism was introduced they discovered porcelain and began the blue oxide pigments we know well today. There are so many exhibits to see at LACMA and I had little time so I just followed my intuition and found myself looking at Henri Matisse, Bauhaus, and DADA. I got to see some Degas and Picasso and swoon like a fan-girl. Finally, I entered the Abstract Expressionist rooms. My heart sang, and here is its song.

At home in this exhibit,a certain spirit pervades the room. 
The expressions are singing, Dancing off the canvas. 
They lift me up knowing I've found my place.
Here in this exhibit , I feel so very safe. 

Let me build my camp and stay.
Right here with all the greats! 
Oh Rothko, soothe my soul with your simple etheric planes.
Splashes of Pollack across my face,
Oh what a wonderful place!

Let me lay here to rest. 
Inspired to only do my best.
Reserve me a space here masters, I won't let you down.
My heart is set apace, for my purpose I have found. 

I am at home in the rooms of abstract expressionism,
A land of my own.

-Kine Fall 
Feb 23,2015

Trinity Music Project
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