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On Astrology : 13 Signs Vs. Sidereal Vs. Tropical

By Kine Fall EL , Los Angeles 

This article is to bring clarity to the real difference between these three astrological systems: Tropical, Sidereal, and 13 signs.  Astrology has long been used as a language for understanding the cosmos and self. In antiquity it was only nobles and leaders of communities that could afford to have natal charts and astrological information given to them.

It is important to the evolution of consciousness that in this age to have a natal chart drawn up. We are returning to the sacred sciences of self discovery and it is my honor to be able to offer this great service to the collective. Constellations are group of stars which give some specific yet easily recognizable shape in any part of sky. Zodiac signs are those constellations through which sun passes in a series and this changes once a month. There are a total of 88 constellations and 13 of them are True Zodiac signs. It is irrefutable fact that Ophiuchus is a zodiac sign because the sun can be observed as sitting in that sign for 18 days annually. 

The main differences I would like to highlight are that Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology and Tropical Astrology are both fixed man-made systems. They are divided up by man's perception. Vedic astrology is different that Tropical in the rules of how the sky is divided and what constellations and placements are observed. Both Sidereal and Tropical systems also do not observe the 13th sign or real time placements. Sidereal astrology is more accurate than Tropical astrology because it is predictive astrology.  Below I have listed the main differences between these three systems. If you are interested in getting your own 13 signs natal chart done click here to order a chart or here to join my patreon at tier 2! 


Sidereal (Vedic)

  • Given by the gods and rishis 2 celestial entities bestowed this wisdom
  • Fixed Distant Star Zodiac
  • Based on Celestial positions as anchors of Reference to locate movements
  • Vedic/ Eastern
  • Indian Cosmology
  • Best for predictions
  • 24 degree diff from Tropical
  • Rules decide what planets are followed to predict different types of things
  • Sun= Events
  • Aries= New Year
  • They track the sun for birth charts by the degree it enters at birth every year. This is the basis of western astrology.
  • Divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each
  • Not dependent on length of constellations
  • Their system contains subdivisions with their own purpose
  • They attribute a basis a reason to why they will observe a constellation

13 Signs

  • Real time system
  • Feminine
  • Based on Real time
  • Esoteric
  • True Earth Matrix
  • Best for expansion of consciousness and ascension
  • Divided by the length the sun is in the constellation
  • Ophiuchus’ reemergence is happening at this time specially because it is apart of the shift into the age of Aquarius to rebalance the divine mass and fem energies on this planet


  • Fixed system
  • Masculine
  • Based on Season
  • Western
  • False Ascension Matrix
  • Best for learning the basics surface level language of astrology
  • Greek made translation of eastern system based on the views of Ptolemy
  • Does not track the Suns year to year entry into signs
  • Divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each
  • When the moon s void of course it is actually in a constellation called Cetus
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