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20140311-105527.jpgIt's been a day or so feels like a few. I'm realizing how much I put myself down for no reason. Well, I should say I used to because I have given up on being my own villain. On Sunday my uncle who was very active in getting me to Africa last summer, met with me about a prospective job and to talk about my future. It's funny because the day before I wrote about foundations in a post and he gave me a full lecture on the importance. I believe he was commissioned by my mother to have this talk with me because I've heard it before. They are so worried that I am on the path of failure. At first in the moment of this lecture, I thought I understood what he was telling me, that I am so generally talented In the arts that it will be hard to get anywhere unless in choosing one to be my focus. That's true and I agree however the part about joining the 50% of people who have higher success rate because they have a degree... Eh, not so much. I don't believe going to college will help. I measure success by my happiness and motivation. At the moment I am doing my best and followings, heart. Once I complete this inner work the outer falls into place. My uncle believes it's the other way around, that we must conquer the physical and then the spiritual fall into place... There are so many systems of thought and none is right or wrong. We all have our own note to play.


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