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Do I Define Myself By My Past?

I am writing more. Practice makes perfect! Even though This prompt was silly, it actually got a lot out of me. Got me writing and thats what really matters here! 

How would I be different if an incident from my past was erased?
There are three incidents that pop into my head when pondering the option.

  1. The first time I got into a physical fight.
  2. The first time I fell in love.
  3. Texting through my anger.

These all leave me with the biggest question.

Do I define myself by my past?

Why are we so easy to identify the “way we are” by the things that have happened to us? I certainly am not a violent person; the first time was the last. Everything that happened in those Romeo/Juliet years of high school when I fell in love has nothing to do with the thriving passionate love that I’ve found now in my Soul Mate. We are happy as can be and there is no room for any other opinions on our love but our own.

I’m still dealing with number three. And that’s because I have yet to forgive myself. Once we find forgiveness within all the past history is no longer energized by our emotions. We can be free from silly prompts and online quizzes that ask the same stupid question, “What would you erase from your past and why?” Because we understand the past and future are both happening right NOW.

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