Poetry & Writing

Two Philosophers

The girls on high were too much with themselves. “Shall we jump?” They hold hands. The suns...

From The Moleskine: End Search For Nirvana

  There is no need to search for nirvana.For we all contain this blissful truth within.The p...

Looking Back

"There is much to learn from Lot's wife and Orpheus who was told not to look back," he muse...

From The Moleskine: Milky Way Love

I can see the golden rays of sunlight beaming down through the trees, onto cliff sides as ...

One Sentence Stories

A quick easy way to get out the random moments and scenes I create in my head. Just becaus...

From The Moleskine: Empath In Love

When an empath like me, has fallen in love... the slightest sense of energy lapse or break...

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