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ZillaBeast: Part 1

I decided to start a short story series based on a dream that I had. 
Here goes nothing.


I can just remember sitting in our little fiat staring at the bright summer sunlight calling to us at the other side of the Downtown tunnel. There was an earthquake of some kind and no cars were moving, a few of the ones in front of us had shaken out of their places, but none dare moved. I turned and looked at my older brother Darren, he usually had all the answers but this time he was dead silent looking ahead. Finally, I realized he had seen something, his mouth was gaping wide open and I could sense panic.

“Darren, what is it? Did you see something?” I asked.

The ground began to rumble more; it felt as if the vibrations were getting stronger and closer every time. I looked out the back window to get a sense of what was going on.  What I witnessed these next few hours is forever etched in my mind.

“Oh shit!!” I screamed.

Something was blocking the entrance to the tunnel, something extremely scaly and crusty. I hoped and prayed that I was dreaming, that I wouldn’t see anymore of the creature that was marching around doing God knows what. I turned away, looking ahead of me in the same dumbfounded state as my brother. People were now exiting their cars and screaming bloody murder running towards the light. Finally Darren regained some consciousness and started up the car.

“Alright, Moonie! We’re gunna get the hell outta here!”, He was panting as if he had been running miles for his life.

“I don’t know Darren, Lets just wait it out.” I wiped my perspiring hands on my shorts.

The cars in the tunnel started to honk loudly one by one but it did not cause the beastly creature to leave.


It stomped straight into the roof of the tunnel, silencing all who was in the way. Severed limbs and blood  splattered all over the concrete floors. I shut my eyes tightly and screamed as loudly as my lungs could handle hoping my bits wouldn't be next.

And then, our fiat began to float effortlessly.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” "WAH! WAH! AHH! AHH!"
Darren began screaming just as loudly as I was.

I still did not open my eyes, but I could sense that if I did I would have panicked much more.


The door pierced into the side of my leg, at the grip of the beast and my back ached with the pain of being tightly constricted. The sound of helicopters came suddenly from nearby.

That morning we were on our way to visit mom in the hospital, under my feet the orchids we brought her had fallen out of the vase and I squished my old Keds in the scattered dirt. Our whole summer felt more like winter; everything had been dark around the family. Now I was certain we were cursed.



A loud roar bellowed and shook my chest so hard I felt like puking.

“Don’t panic we will get you two out of there!” a man yelled from the helicopter loudspeaker. I opened my eyes.

We were in the clutches of the beast soaring higher than the tallest skyscrapers in the town of Lingam. It was utterly terrifying but at the same time liberating. I could see people, leaving their cars and homes, running below like little mice in a maze.  A few miles away there were wild uninhabited forests and our most prized landmark Sir Lingam’s Waterfall, surrounded by moss covered cliffs and ripe fig trees. From this view I could see cascading rainbows forming right where the falls meet the river. All summer I wished I could run away and live there on my own and now here I was. So close.

After what felt like hours in the air I finally got the courage to examine the beast. The scales looked like pieces of fire opal, iridescent and cloudy white against its think dark green skin. I guessed it was some sort of dragon-like reptile, or dinosaur. It had a tongue like a snake, only thicker, and surprisingly no sharp teeth or tusks, only huge flat ones. That gave me some relief; I hoped it wasn’t a carnivore. For once my biology class proved to be relevant in everyday life.

Beside me, my brother began dry heaving loudly, holding onto his chest as if it were going to collapse.

“Darren, calm down! Whatever that thing is, it won’t eat us!” I had to yell to get my small voice across over all the hectic noise around us.

I put my hand around his shaking arm, and rubbed his temple like our mother would do when he had panic attacks. He took some deep breaths and we held each other’s hands.

We were now moving towards the jungles on the outskirts of town. Military jets began to fly formations above us letting out different colored smoke. At one point the smoke was so awful Darren tried rolling up the windows and the beast almost dropped us. That gave him an even better idea.

“Moonie, when we reach the river… I’m going to rev up the engine and put the car in drive, maybe it’ll drop us in!”

The idea terrified me but we had no other choice. I nodded and looked out the window best I could to see how close we were to the river. I knew it would take much more than luck.

“But they might find a way to help us first! Maybe we should wait? !” I whined.

“Bullshit, Moonie! We’ve seen all the Godzilla movies, when are the civilians ever saved first?”

He had a good point.

The beast let out another roar and began using its other arm to try and take down the jets. The car began to jolt and jerk, I wanted to ask if Darren thought the beast could feel the wheels underneath its tough scales, but I decided not to tear down his idea.

PewwwWWWWwwwwwwWWWwwww…CRRAAAAKKkkskshsshhh! BOOM!

The beast took out a jet, and we got to witness just how far down the fall was. It crashed into one of the bank buildings, smoke and flaming bills began to float around in the air. While the beast crossed the river, Darren put the wheel on third gear and revved the car hard as he could. I held onto the roof of the car and braced myself.

“D, if we don’t make it … you should know it’s all my fault mommy is sick!! Im soooorryyyyy!!!”

My heart was pounding so hard; the beast waved its arm around and released our little yellow fiat in the air. We were catapulted high above the clouds. My brother and I screamed for our lives as we began descending. My ears began to pop like crazy and Darren passed out. I couldn’t close my eyes, I watched as we got closer and closer to the gushing green river.


To my surprise the car began floating downstream, moving fast and unsteady. It slammed against rocks and boulders breaking the side mirrors and cracking windows.


Darren was still unconscious, and I just put my head back down in between my knees to keep glass from cutting my face or eyes. Cold, fresh water began to flow up from the floor, as we passed a waterfall. I splashed water onto Darren’s face to try and wake him, when that didn’t work I started to shake him vigorously.

“DARREN! WAKE UP! DARREN!!!”  No response.

I placed my hand under his nose and then on his neck veins to find some sign of a pulse. Thank God he was still breathing. We were now reaching a cave, which I hoped was a tunnel and would lead us out the other side. The car started flooding with water and panic invaded my thoughts. Shit, What do I do? We’re gunna die we’re gunna die!

"i-its n-n-ot your f-f-ault" a small voice whimpered next to me.

Darren was alive, and we had no choice but to leave our fiat behind and swim to shore. As children, we grew up on legends and tales about the lands beyond our town only no one had ever been there. The beast was still visible from the river, jets were falling from the sky like balls of fire. Darren and I sat along the shore drying in the hot sun, gazing, dazed, at the terror of the ZillaBeast.


To Be Continued....



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