Gift Of The Written Word

I want to write.

Create a whole other world that I can escape into for the night, it is a gift.

I can be walking in an enchanted forest filled with moss, tall redwoods, demons and goblins, watching and lingering… waiting for me to let my guard down. But they would have no way in because the light of God would be shining with me, carrying me, guiding me to the other side. Along my path I would run into fairies and gnomes, trolls of all sorts that would greet and hug me. We would laugh and dance and fall in love… until the day I get to the other side. I’d lie into a calm, peaceful stream and let it carry me down into the river and away into the sea, where mermaids would be awaiting me. They would take apart my body limb by limb and each swim into every ocean on this earth. My Head in the Pacific, Heart in the Atlantic, legs in the Mediterranean, arms in the gulf of Mexico, and on and on. Years would pass and my body would deteriorate into the sand and soil. The sediment would evaporate into the sky and one day God will make it rain with the sound of my laughing spirit, and on that day a baby will be born. That child would bring a new age of love and light into humanity… that baby would carry my spirit, and the cycle continues.

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