Behind The Green Door

I open the green door, and gaze into a room filled with the smell of frankincense and sex sweat. Mandalas and psychedelic prints drawn on large sheets of fabric strewn all around, filled with hookahs and smoke. Looking left and right I see scantily clad women and men lounging on top of one another, laughing, fucking and dancing. I rub my eyes and look again, red and blue lights cast purple shadows on the walls.  I seem to be floating along to the stage where a band of gorgeous, thin men wearing nothing but scarves start to play a melodic tune that carries my hips and drags them round in circles. Grinding against an invisible cushion, my arms go up in the air and I become lost in this euphoric trance.

 Through my hologram glasses I can see new friends, family come to join me by the stage. They twirl me, lick me, and praise my movements. We are all intertwined in a circle of passion. I sink to the floor, covered with cushions and beanbags and immediately a joint of hash is passed. I take a hit and enter an entirely different world than the one I had been seeing. Now, I had become fused. Everything Glowed, in the very back people covered in paint began to rub their bodies on the wall creating intricate designs of gods, angels and goddesses. There were no words spoken, it all felt like a dream.


I close the door and continue down the hallway to the very end. There is a grey door. I open it, and step back into my left brain.

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