Poetry & Writing

The Grand Design

You ever seen 222 at 711? Transmissions be clear you see In the matrix one serves a high pe...


Highland LA, K Fall[/caption] Narcos! Narcos! Narcos! bend the rules to the sound of life f...


No New Existence

If I could shed my soulLike a snake sheds it's skinIf I could hibernate for months like a ...

Death's Dance

My only near-death experience comes to me through my nightly dance.In the windowless room, ...


An aftertaste lingers… The thought you let go, You can still taste it.   In the back of the...

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13 Signs Astrology Natal Chart
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The Dust Of Yesterdays
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Grimoire Ebook Double Feature: Harmonize & Honor
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“Sailor Stick” Selenite Wand Allies
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"Stardust" Clear Quartz Cluster Ally
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Dream Interpretations
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